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Coronavirus and the risk to healthcare staff

Coronavirus and the risk to healthcare staff

With the novel coronavirus spreading at an insane pace, the healthcare workers, which are the frontline in this fight, are exposed to severe risk of infection. The critical shortage of protective gear and the huge flow of new patients are leaving doctors and nurses ill-equipped in their mission against COVID-19. There is a pressing need to protect the hospital staff so that they could continue taking care of the patients.

Coronavirus and the risk to healthcare staff
Remote patient monitoring over USB webcams
USB Network Gate contributes to the protection of health staff by providing remote video monitoring of quarantined people and patients in isolation wards. In a short span of time, webcams connected to computers in intensive care wards and emergency rooms turn into mass video surveillance tools sending data to the central monitoring post, nurses' station etc. Remote patient monitoring helps to minimize close contact with those who are isolated or receiving treatment, thus reducing potential infection transmission.
USB Network Gate helps to fight the pandemic safely
USB Network Gate shares webcams over the network in just a few clicks. Video streams from multiple cameras become available to the central computer for safe remote video monitoring of the patients with confirmed or suspected coronavirus disease. Since USB Network Gate is multi-platform, it can be used on various computers and devices, thus you can turn any room into a medical ward with the heightened level of remote patient monitoring with only a notebook at hand.
Remote patient monitoring
Southwestern Vermont Medical Center
Southwestern Vermont Medical Center
During the COVID-19 Pandemic, SVMC was requested to add cameras to the patient rooms for monitoring purposes. UNG allowed to successfully link the webcams to a host machine and view the patients via surveillance software. This helps the nurses to monitor the inside of the COVID-19 negative-pressure area while keeping distance, which is extremely helpful and reduces the need to prepare PPE and go inside to check unnecessarily.

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Southwestern Vermont Health Care counts 1000+ employees, 99 beds in community hospital and 150 beds in nursing facility. It received rating of 4 stars from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Key features

  • UNG connects webcams in patients wards to the central viewing station
  • Simple installation works for both host and client machines
  • Password encryption ensures security and HIPPA compliance

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