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How to Open Videos in a Mac Video Player

Almost Like Magic for Your Files

Use Any Format in This Video Player for Mac

Elmedia Player allows you to stop worrying about codecs on macOS, since it will play almost any movie or song, including MKV, FLV, WMV, Blu-ray, AVI, and FLAC. But there are more features you can use to have a good time.

Export Playlists

The temporary playing queue can be looped, shuffled, or exported to an M3U file, usable not only in Elmedia, but also in other players.

A Customizable Experience

Adjust sound, video, or the way your files are played. Speed them up or slow them down. Change brightness, contrast, or saturation.
Streaming in just a few clicks

Adapted for WiFi Streaming

Elmedia Mac Video Player can be a part of any local network, since it can connect to AirPlay 2, DLNA, and Chromecast devices. Whether it's an Amazon Fire Stick, or a Roku TV, you'll be able to stream HD video and audio with a large amount of options, both for customization and for compatibility.


AirPlay 2 is also included.


Most devices use this protocol.


Connect to Google gadgets.

Live Transcoding

Is your file not supported with the target platform? No worries, transcoding will take care of this problem.

Full HD Streaming

Cast to Chromecast Ultra, Smart TV, or Apple TV in any resolution, even 4K. Best 4K video player for macOS

Subtitles Without Limits

Add any subtitle format to your movies, and burn them into the video if the receiving device can't decode them.

Use Your Playlists

Playlists will work flawlessly, complete with Repeat and Shuffle. And the same applies to bookmarks and chapters.
Simple Subtitle Management

Improve Subtitles with These Options

Elmedia Player allows you to get more out of your subtitles. Make the more visible and readable, or move them if they obscure an important part of the screen. Add new ones easily, no matter how they're encoded.
  • Visual Changes

    Move the subtitles around the screen, recolor them, change the font, change their size. Make them stand out on the blurriest and brightest backgrounds.
  • Find More on the Web

    Why download a file separately, when Elmedia Player can do it for you? It includes full OpenSubtitles integration, complete with automatic search and file saving.
  • Subtitle Formats

    You can add SRT, SSA, or SMIL tracks to any movie or show. They all can be modified with the same settings - no format restrictions.
Customize subtitles on Mac
Customized Video Playback

A Whole Load of Features

FLV and SWF Compatibility

The old Flash video formats, now discontinued, can be watched in Elmedia*.

* Learn more about SWF playback in Elmedia Player.

Visual Settings

Tune up the brightness, contrast, and gamma on your videos. Choose the best configuration for any clip.

Snapshots Aplenty

Elmedia Player can create a screenshot showcase by taking the desired amount of pictures at set intervals.

Control Using the Touch Bar

When you use Elmedia, the Touch Bar will display helpful controls, providing an alternative to the hardware keys.

Fix DVD and Camera Defects

The deinterlacing function is useful if you're seeing lines during playback. Filter them out.

Repeat a Fragment

Place two markers on the timeline and loop that part of the video as long as you like.

Native Fullscreen

Forget about borderless windows and other workarounds! Also, you get to choose any connected display.

Fix Desynchronization

Both the audio and the subtitles have an adjustable delay option, which may be useful for out-of-sync movies.
	Timeline Preview

Preview Thumbnails

Find movie moments easily - Elmedia will show a miniature picture when you hover over the timeline.
PIP Switch

PiP Mode

Use Picture-in-Picture to watch videos or control music without having to switch between windows.
Sound Improving Video Player

Set Up the Sound

Switch to Any Device

Select any available audio output. Enable or disable stereo.

Audio Additions

Compatible sound files can be added and played side-by-side with any video.

10-band Equalizer

Use the presets or create your own custom configuration.

AC3/DTS Passthrough

Arrange your own personal Surround Sound setup. Listen in 3D!
What others say about Elmedia
Elmedia Player is easy to use and takes much of the guesswork out of playing back videos of just about any format you can imagine.
Mike Breed
Elmedia Player for Mac is a comprehensive solution for playing all kinds of videos and other media files on your Mac without having to convert them.
Ben Markton
Plays all my video files swimmingly. Streaming local videos to the smart TVs is pleasant bonus of the PRO version.
It's a media player for Mac, which boasts a huge range of codecs. All of the features of this program are easily accessible through the app's streamlined interface.
Terry Conord
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