If you’re still on the lookout for alternative transfer tools, or need the ideal solution for an OS other than Mac, check out these options:

Alternatives to Android File Transfer

Whether you’re looking for a free solution with basic features, or a paid version with a variety of tools, make sure you check our list of the best Android file transfer alternatives.

Problems with Android File Transfer?

If you encounter technical difficulties with Android File Transfer, there are plenty of other options that are ideal for your OS or device. Whether free or paid, you can find a rundown of the best ones.

Android File Transfer Using Windows

As we all know, file transfers between Android and Windows are about as easy as they could possibly be. The two operating systems are 100% compatible.

Android File Transfer for Chromebooks

Chromebooks use Chrome OS, an effective operating system but one that isn’t as widely used as Mac or PC. But transferring files between Android and Chromebooks is simple.