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Ganiu Abdurahman
Ganiu Abdurahman
Freelance Technical Author
I am Ganiu Abdurahman, an astute technical writer with a special interest in SaaS and Web 3. A graduate of English, a crypto enthusiast whose passion lies in writing problem-solving articles.

An experienced SEO content writer with over five years of experience specializing in technical content, brand content management, web copy, sales copy, email copy, blockchain/cryptocurrency articles, landing page content, blog writing, and SEO website content.
My content/copy creation follows a comprehensive research-backed approach which includes interviews, intensive data tracking and analysis, keyword research, and journey mapping. My passion is deeply rooted in quality service, tangible results, improved ROI, and customer satisfaction
  • Brand Content Management
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • Software Reviews
  • How-to Guides
  • B2B
  • FinTech
  • SaaS

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