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Paula Beaton
Paula Beaton
Freelance Writer, Editor and full-time Book Nerd
Paula has been a writer since 2012, when she started off in travel, writing for brands like Thomas Cook, Qatar Airways, and Skyscanner, before branching out into various industries from lifestyle to DIY. She's created an itinerary for visiting all of Lithuania's top restaurants in a week, designed a course for image consultants, and even developed a guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse.
Alongside this she worked as an editor and proofreader for various indie publishing houses and authors, editing crime, mystery, and gothic novels as well as non-fiction. In 2019, she made the move to tech writing full-time. Paula is a contributing author for Electronic Team and also writes regularly for Digital Trends and Movavi, as well as being Android Authority's resident Copy Editor and writer of the Weekly Authority newsletter.

Outside of work, she can mostly be found playing story-driven games like The Last of Us, Last Stop, and Firewatch, or watching the latest horror films.