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Breaking the transfer barrier
between Android and Mac

Make MacDroid your go-to solution for file transfer (or transfer entire folders if you wish!) and you'll never never look back! Music, photos, videos and other files can be easily transferred between your Mac and Android. Just plug your USB cable in, connect your phone to computer, and let MacDroid take care of the rest.

Direct developer version available →
System requirements: macOS 10.13 or newer. Works with all Android and MTP devices.

Mount Android on Mac as an external drive

Internal and external storages can be mounted

No need to copy Android files on Mac in order to edit them

MacDroid doesn't require any additional plugins or extensions

Connect any Android or MTP device you own

Mount Android as a drive on Mac
Transfer image files
Need a friendly interface with a reliable functionality to transfer your awesome photos from phone to Mac? You got it!
Transfer entire folders
No need to move file by file - that takes too much time. Just drag a whole folder with your mouse cursor to a new location!
Watch your videos on the go
With MacDroid you can transfer favorite videos from computer to phone and watch and rewatch them with family and friends wherever you are.
Edit files directly from Mac
Access your Android files in Finder and make changes to them in your favorite Mac apps without even copying files to Mac.
New music for your Android
Have some new cool arrangements you made on computer? You can easily transfer them from Mac to Android. Or vice versa when needed.
MTP devices
With an MTP mode you can connect and work with content of various devices supporting MTP connection, e.g. portable media players or cameras.
Connect Mac and Android via USB

Access Android content on Mac effortlessly

To access your Android content in Finder and work with it as you would with any other external drive, simply plug it in via USB. MacDroid will take care of the rest! There are two modes this handy software offers for you: ADB and MTP.


An advanced connection mode that comes highly recommended for a fast and seamless file transfer and management.


Comprehensive and easy, this mode will let you connect not just an Android device, but all other supported MTP devices, like a camera or a portable media player.

An easy three-step guide on transferring files between Mac and Android:

1 Step 1

Plug your Android in Mac

Install MacDroid on your Mac and open it. Connect your phone to the computer via USB. See the device show up in the “Device list”.
2 Step 2

Choose the connection mode

Click on the device name and select one of the two connection modes: either ADB (recommended) or MTP and follow the steps to confirm this device on your computer.
3 Step 3

Now transfer!

You are all connected and can easily access your Android device content in the Finder app at this point. Have fun transferring and editing files with MacDroid!

Some nice things our users wrote to us

With my MacDroid PRO I find it extremely convenient to move files between my devices. I just drag and drop and all I need ends up where I want it to be. Happy with the software for sure!
I love my little free MacDroid. All I need is to save my photos from Android to my computer, and this free version does it at the drop of a hat!
Transferring videos and photos between my Galaxy and my MacBook is smooth and impressively fast. That's all I need - no glitches, no drama, job done!
I wanted to get old family videos out of my old computer onto my new phone to take them with me while visiting a distant family. MacDroid transferred everything really quickly and we could watch them altogether without having to pack my Mac on the trip. Thank you!

Overall rating 4.5
based on 56 reviews

The transfer app for Mac and Android

Direct developer version available →
Requires macOS 10.13 or newer;
compatible with all Android and MTP devices
4.5 overall rank
,based on 56 user reviews
Version 1.8.160,
released on 25 August, 2023