Exciting News: Advanced Serial Port Terminal is Now Completely Free!

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Starting today, one of our products Advanced Serial Port Terminal is now available to all users free of charge. This decision reflects our commitment to making powerful, reliable tools accessible to everyone, from seasoned developers and engineers to students and hobbyists. You can be free in your development or educational goals with our solution.

Advanced Serial Port Terminal Free

Unlock the Full Potential of Serial Communication

Advanced Serial Port Terminal has been a go-to solution for professionals requiring seamless serial communication for testing, monitoring, and debugging. Now, every user can enjoy its comprehensive features without any financial barriers. Here's a quick look at what you can expect:

Key Features of Advanced Serial Port Terminal:

  • Multiple Connections: Users can maintain multiple serial port and TCP connections simultaneously and change port settings on the go. The ability to save option presets ensures a seamless workflow.

  • Data Viewing Options: The software allows viewing data in raw, hexadecimal, or VT100 emulation modes. Sent and received data can be color-coded for easy identification, and users can set data blocks to resend at specified intervals.

  • Flexible Data Formats: Users can send data in various formats, including ASCII strings, hex, binary, and octal, with an option to record sent data for future reference.

  • Custom Aliases: Advanced Serial Port Terminal enables the creation of aliases for commonly used commands, which can be bound to hotkeys. Each connection can maintain its own set of aliases for enhanced efficiency.

Why Are We Doing This?

At Electronic Team, we believe in empowering our users by providing top-tier software solutions that drive innovation and productivity. By offering Advanced Serial Port Terminal for free, we are removing financial barriers and enabling broader access to this essential tool. Our goal is to support the tech community by making reliable and powerful tools accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget.