Serial data research for education in computer science

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The Max-Eyth-Schule is located in Germany in the federal state of Hessen. It is a major secondary and VET school serving the wider Frankfurt metropolitan area. It provides general education and vocational training in a variety of areas from automotive to administration, IT, and biotechnology. In high school, the Max-Eyth-Schule offers several subject areas.

One subject is computer science. One part of the curriculum is called “Data Communication” and requires communication with the serial port. The students have to implement protocols for communication with external hardware like RFID-reader and -scanner, weather station, or a digital scale.

The school is not able to buy different hardware for every student and we searched for another solution. We found the software with a Google search and used the trial version. The Virtual Serial Port Driver helps to simulate the connection of any hardware. The Virtual Serial Port Driver is easy to use and works without any problem.

With the software, the students define two serial ports which are connected by a null modem cable. They can test the pins of the serial port and learn why it is necessary that both sides use the same parameters. The students learn to use a hardware or a software handshake and make the experience to generate a data package and separate a package into different parts.

A classroom with computers

A classroom with computers

The benefits for the Max-Eyth-School:

  • We don’t have to buy different serial-based equipment.
  • The students must not read the operation manual of the hardware.
  • They must not learn to use the equipment.
  • The students don’t have to share the hardware with other students and every student has one computer to work on.
  • The Virtual Serial Port Driver is easy to use.
  • The software works without any problem.
  • We can implement any problem with older final exams to practice for the next final exam.
  • The Site License is the perfect solution for our school because we want use the software with a client-server-system in several classrooms.
the hardware signal lines

Example for testing the hardware signal lines

parameters are different

What will happen, if the parameters are different? In this example, we have 8 and 5 data bits

simulation of a problem in an older exam

The simulation of a problem in an older exam. A printer is connected with a serial port.

The Virtual Serial Port Driver is the best solution if computers have no serial port and for developing and testing a serial protocol.