Donglify conquers the Apple peak

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Exciting news for Mac users: the top requested release of the Electronic Team’s hit remote access tool is already here! Donglify has finally become a cross-platform solution. What once was a Windows exclusive now is taking on a new frontier of Mac platforms from Mojave 10.14 and later.

New version Donglify for macOS

If you were looking for an easy yet safe way to make your USB license keys accessible across the LAN, Donglify is just what you need and more. With the new release version, you will face no compatibility issues while sharing and accessing USB dongles through the mixed Windows-Mac environments.


Donglify’s central idea (and the reason why it was initially created, too) is to make one USB license key accessible from multiple remote machines in parallel. And with the newly released version, you can plug a USB dongle into one of your Mac machine’s ports and share it from there so anyone in your local network can access it whenever they need without having to wait for their turn.


The key focus point of Donglify is on multi-access to give you the most efficient way to control and manage numerous device connections from a single user account. Also, with Donglify, you have two perfectly safe ways to share your USB dongles with other people. You can either create login tokens to give access to your account and all the services shared from it without revealing the credentials or send out invites to the owners of other Donglify accounts to connect to your devices remotely.


Donglify is compatible with the vast majority of dongle brands and models, t.a. HASP HL Pro, Sentinel HL, SafeNet eToken, and CodeMeter cmStick. And you can share those keys not only with physical machines but with virtual ones too powered by any popular hypervisor, including VMware Workstation, VMware ESX, Citrix XenDesktop, and Microsoft Hyper-V.


On top of all the above, the newly released Donglify for Mac has the same infallible 2048-bit SSL encryption as all the other Electronic Team’s remote access solutions. This means that all the USB over LAN (and the Internet) connections are hundred percent secure, with zero chance for unauthorized access to any of your sensitive data.

Check out the latest update and go cross-platform with the new Donglify for Mac!