Introducing FlexiHub 7.0 with QUIC Support

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FlexiHub 7.0 with QUIC support

QUIC has been added to FlexiHub 7.0, making it suitable for more applications in the field of wireless USB and serial connection. The protocol can be used to encapsulate data and send it through a UDP tunnel created in NAT. The connection created this way can also be persistent.

FlexiHub 7.0 Improvements With QUIC Addition

  • NAT-specific benefits: QUIC is better suited to networks that work with NAT, making connections through it as smooth as with any ordinary network.
  • Better speed: the time to initiate a connection is shorter, and head-of-line blocking is less likely.
  • Stable switching: the probability of issues occuring when connecting to a different network has been reduced.
  • Encryption: The added layer of security serves to protect the connection even further.

What This Means for The Users

FlexiHub 7.0 utilizes QUIC to its fullest to improve the experience of its users:

  • Hardware is now easier and quicker to manage
  • A higher degree of data safety can be achieved
  • Work under difficult network circumstances is now more

QUIC’s introduction in FlexiHub 7.0 has expanded the possibilities provided by the application. We’re continuing our journey to bring the newest advancements in software to our customers. The new advantages gained with the help of QUIC are a part of the natural evolution of wireless port passthrough software, and this trend will continue.

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