How FlexiHub Is Helping In The Fight Against COVID-19!

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FlexiHub is the leading software solution for those who need secure, easy, and effective remote access to their USB and serial port devices. Alongside supporting our amazing customers, FlexiHub is also doing their part to fight COVID-19 through executing front-line technology to support mass vaccination events.

Since early 2020, everyone, all over the world, has experienced massive and unprecedented change. Situations and challenges that seemed utterly unimaginable, are now a daily reality for all of us. Humanity now combats an infectious, deadly virus that, before March of 2020, no one even knew existed.

Out of nowhere, every corner of the globe felt fear and panic as the effects of COVID-19 increased at a dramatic and devastatingly fast pace.

And all the while, our frontline medical professionals tirelessly care for the infected, spread awareness, and do their part to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. All of which demands long working hours with hardly any time for rest, and the high-risk of contracting the virus due to constant exposure.

FlexiHub professionals from Electronic Team refused to wait on the sidelines, because we’re always ready and willing to support those who have made every possible effort to stop COVID-19.

Help with FlexiHub

Much of today’s modern medical and experimental tools depend on secure and reliable database access… and while medical ID cards add ease and efficiency for medical staff and patients alike, ID cards can’t be processed unless there’s a card reader available, as well as data exchange capabilities with a remote database server. Because of this, a reliable and secure remote access software is not just convenient, but absolutely critical.

FlexiHub is the product that founded Electronic Team, and we’re always striving to support and improve it, so FlexiHub’s newest RDP support update is sure to be the ideal tool for users with a variety of needs.

How FlexiHub Supports Frontline Workers Battling COVID-19

Doctors choose FlexiHub

With help from FlexiHub, a clinic in Germany was able to manage a vaccination event for 3000 attendees, ensuring they were in compliance with all sanitary and safety measures required. The clinic utilized numerous on-site (remote) PCs, all of which connected to a Medical ID chipcard reader that was housed at a different location.

FlexiHub made it easy and fast to connect all of their remote computers to the specified RDP server, allowing medical professionals to instantly access the required medical information from the medical ID cards. This flexibility ensured that administering vaccinations was a safe option for each and every individual who attended the vaccination event.

FlexiHub was also indispensably reliable, as it functioned perfectly throughout the entire timeframe of the event. Easily managing the high traffic demands created by the multiple machines accessing the server computer without lag or operational glitches. Better still, FlexiHub’s data encryption algorithm was fully compliant with personal data processing security standards.

What Clients Think After Using FlexiHub For Themselves

Remote help
Chrysovalantis Kantzeloglou:

Really great and easy stuff! We are also very grateful for your help and support!
I really need to say it worked like a charm, no probs at all!

Really, really thank you from all the doctors, and all the medical assistant workers, and medical staff!
Dr. Udo Hahn:

Perfect work ... it was so helpful as we could do the job in a school gym 10 miles away from the doctors office, and we could work with these health id usb card readers like we do it in the doctor's office locally .. perfect!

No matter what the future has in store, we’ll win together. The FlexiHub team is always ready with the resources, expertise, and technology to face the challenges that come our way. Let us know what you need, and we will do everything in our power to develop solutions that fit your goals.