Electronic Team, Inc. unveils HelpWire: Game Changer in Remote IT Support

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Electronic Team, Inc. introduces HelpWire, the newest software-as-a-service solution designed to make remote technical support more efficient and user-friendly. Costly on-site tech support can finally be filed as a history, as any IT-related issues can be fixed from anywhere at a moment's notice.

HelpWire’s signature Remote Control feature allows you to troubleshoot your clients' systems directly from your desk, just like as you were sitting in front of their computer:

  • Control multiple workstations in parallel with easy switching between them.
  • Use Drag-and-drop and copy-paste options for convenient file transfer.
  • Multi-monitor View lets you see both client’s displays simultaneously.
  • Simple session start will eliminate any confusion with IDs and passwords.
  • With a flexible frame rate, you can optimize the video stream quality.
  • Smart connection will automatically pick the best connection method.

HelpWire’s Support Chat is so much more than just a line of communication:

  • Parallel chats allow you to assist several clients in multiple concurrent chats.
  • Chat synchronization maintains unified message history across all client’s devices.
  • Session history allows you to trace back previous troubleshooting sessions.
  • Event timeline keeps track of your every major action during a support session.

A convenient Client Management tool provides you with all the necessary means of keeping your client list neatly organized:

  • Contact book is integrated into the organization’s portal for easy access.
  • Workstation grouping lets you gather interconnected clients under one profile.
  • Basic device information instantly provides you with key system information.
  • Extended client profiles keep your notes on clients to facilitate identification.

So, what makes HelpWire the best choice for your tech support team?

  • All around solution to the long-standing remote IT support challenges.
  • Well-adjusted intuitive interface for simultaneous support sessions.
  • Streamlined troubleshooting with remote control and value-added chats.
  • Advanced client management tools to boost your performance.

Experience the future of remote IT support with HelpWire!

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