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Cloud drives mounted locally on your macOS Ventura desktop

Unite Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP, and WebDAV in your Mac’s Finder. CloudMounter accomplishes this task easily and reliably, letting you browse the mounted disks as local folders. Copy, paste, move, and manage files without switching to the next app.
Yoo-hoo! CloudMounter runs natively on Mac computers with Apple silicon: M1 and M2 series!

Keep Your Data Safe

With CloudMounter, expect nothing less than complete protection. Your files on the cloud, including Google Drive and FTP, will be encrypted and unreadable from different devices or apps.
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Amazon S3
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Encrypt data

Everything in Finder

CloudMounter removes the separation between local and network files by letting you navigate cloud drives in Finder.

Available Clouds

Most known and publicly available clouds can be accessed by CloudMounter and brought straight to your Finder catalogue. Encryption is a useful bonus in addition to the other advantages you get from such connections.

Drag and Drop to Dropbox

Add Dropbox drives to your list of physical devices. Go through the folders and run any operation with a click.

Transfer files directly to and from your local disks without a separate upload/download operation. This is the way cloud services are meant to be used - with speed and convenience.

Google Drive on Your Hard Drive

CloudMounter accesses your Google documents, as well as uploaded files. Edit them on your Mac - after all, Docs and Sheets have some disadvantages when compared to desktop document editors.

You get all that without the need to open your browser - use the Finder and save some time.

OneDrive Support for Mac

Microsoft’s OneDrive for macOS requires Rosetta on M1 Macs. Why bother? CloudMounter runs natively and fulfils the same functions. Add, copy, delete files like they’re located on your hard disk. Mount and unmount at any time without any risk to your data’s security or integrity.

Amazon S3 and pCloud Compatibility

This opens up even more opportunities to mount remote disks and work with cloud files. Choose the right service for you.

Access Amazon S3

Work across all Amazon Web Service regions, whether you’re on EU, Asia Pacific, or Canada. Choose any bucket filesystem you want to mount. It’s just like inserting a flash drive, except you get access to the limitless cloud (if you’re subscribed to Amazon, that is).

pCloud Accounts

Are you a pCloud user? CloudMounter has that covered as well. The benefits are easy to see - instant access to any pCloud resources on your account! It will appear as a folder in your desktop file manager, easily modifiable and usable right off the bat.

FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, OpenStack

These protocols can be found on a local network as well. CloudMounter is truly universal, making it easier to safely add any drive to your collection.

FTP/SFTP Remote Connection

Any servers that run the FTP/SFTP protocols are a suitable resource for CloudMounter. If you have the required credentials - namely, URL and login info - you’ll get all available files as a single folder in the file browser of your choice. Removing and pasting is possible as well.

Mount WebDAV

WebDAV is another server option that works. Just like every cloud or network drive, you can view, edit in live mode, or manipulate files, not having any need for network transfers - since CloudMounter will do the job for you. Use the disk freely, as you would any other folder.

OpenStack Storage

If your remote drive runs on OpenStack, no worries - we’ve got that covered. It will be connected with remarkable ease, and made available in Finder.

With direct access, you can focus on the important things, instead of setting up and configuring the connection. View files or send them back and forth - your choice.

Box, Backblaze, and Mega

These popular services are all about file sharing and storage - a perfect fit for CloudMounter. You’ll have every file manipulation tool at your disposal.

Box Files and Docs

Box is already simple enough, but CloudMounter takes it to the next level - no need for a separate client. Add it to your filesystem with all the features of a standard folder.

Works perfectly with editing software and such. No need to overcomplicate things. All the files are now in your hands.

Backblaze Backup

Get more utility out of your Backblaze B2 account. Interact with files directly on a remote cloud, foregoing the need to download them.

And you’re not limited to a single account, either - any number of them can be accessed at the same time, free of any restrictions on the part of CloudMounter.

Mega Services on Desktop

Do you have a bunch of files and folders up on Mega? This popular service is one the many CloudMounter-compatible storage platforms.

Look through the files and pick up the ones you need right on your Mac. A breeze to use, and it opens up massive opportunities in regards to cloud storage.

CloudMounter Languages

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What customers say
    I’ve regularly used ExpanDrive and the native Mac client from Google, until recently. CloudMounter is simply the best of both worlds.
    Steve Harman Steve Harman


This all-in-one cloud manager for Mac is fully compatible with macOS 10.12 and later. Requires 49.65MB of free space, latest version 3.11.698. Released 22 Dec, 2021.

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