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Add cloud drives to Explorer on Windows

Get CloudMounter to access your cloud service accounts in Explorer. Add Google Drive, Amazon S3, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and more. It’s just like working with a local folder. Copy, cut, view and edit right on your desktop. Get more out of your remote disks.

Additional Encryption for Cloud Files

Whichever platform you use with CloudMounter - whether it’s OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox - you can enable file encryption and prevent unobstructed access to your data from other platforms or apps.
Dropbox File
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FTP File
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Amazon S3
Google Drive File
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Google Drive
OneDrive File
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Microsoft OneDrive
Encrypt data

Bring Your Local and Remote Folders Together

There’s no need to split your workflow when using online and offline files - keep them all in one place.

Multiple Services and Accounts

The main advantage of CloudMounter is its ability to mount an unlimited amount of drives. This lets you use any combination of compatible platforms, and even multiple accounts on the same one.
Amazon S3
Use your keys and choose the right bucket, and let CloudMounter do the rest for you. After adding an Amazon S3 connection, all you have to do is go to Explorer, and view, move, or edit the files as you see fit.

The need to download or upload is gone, so you can treat these files and folders just like the local ones.
Forego the web interface in favour of Explorer. Sign into your Dropbox using CloudMounter, and it’ll be much easier to work with your files, with them being accessible from any file browser, as if they were an external USB device.

Why reupload, when you can do live editing and saving?
Google Drive
Whether it’s just one or a multitude, your Google Drives can be added in CloudMounter, with file operations becoming as easy as dragging and dropping.

Pick files up on the go, never having to switch to your browser and download them separately. And the same applies to uploads, which are just as easy.
Microsoft OneDrive
CloudMounter beats any Microsoft alternative by directly integrating the OneDrive cloud with your file navigator. Create and remove directories; alter and relocate files over the net. It’s all possible when cloud storage is brought to your desktop and attuned to the local file structure. Sign in and enjoy.

CloudMounter for Windows

CloudMounter for Windows is fully compatible with Win 7 SP1 and newer. Requires 25.66MB of free space, latest version 1.8.1621. Released 28 Jan, 2022.

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