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Cross browser testing or how to avoid your site from falling apart

Comparium is a web application that helps you find and analyze visual inconsistencies and functional errors of your site under different conditions of use. Having a technically perfect site is possible due to our cross browser test tool.
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Origin of browser incompatibility
Browsers differ depending on the platform, various browser engines handle code differently, and older versions of browsers may not know the new HTML CSS properties. Let's also add possible errors in the layout to the list and your site is guaranteed not to look alike in different conditions.
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Keep in mind
Incorrect display of your site is a potential loss of customers. Nowadays cross-browser compatibility is of great importance for project monetization. If previously only large companies could afford a technically perfect website that works in all browsers, now by using cross browser test tool, anyone can achieve a technically perfect site to remain competitive.

Our cross browser testing tools

Comparium offers a great number of tools for browser compatibility testing that allow quickly and conveniently checking the visual and functional contents of your web resource.

Cross browser screenshot testing

Make sure your site looks perfect on any device and in any browser/OS configuration.

With the help of our website browser testing tool, you can capture and validate screenshots of the pages you are interested in across different OS/browser configurations and resolutions. The tool is able to open even those pages that are hidden behind basic authentication or located in personal accounts.

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+ Basic Authentication
Take screenshots of the pages hidden behind HTTP authorization
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+ Customizable resolution
Ability to create your own resolutions and add them to the list
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+ Login Profile
Perform screenshot testing of pages located behind the login form
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+ Dark Mode
Ability to create screenshots while using the dark theme

Browser testing with comparison tool

Compare your site’s display in different environments to achieve maximum similarity.

Analyze in more detail the similarity of the received screenshots, thus achieving authenticity and maximum similarity with the reference version of the site. Our browser testing tool has 4 comparison modes including automatic and is able to compare the layout with the original design.

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+ Comparison with layout
Compare screenshots with your own mockup in .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .tiff formats
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+ Auto mode
Find Difference comparison mode will automatically find the differences and highlight them

Perform website test with live testing tool

Perform real-time tests of your web resource launching real browsers in a virtual environment and use them as if they were yours.

A simple tool that allows you to launch a live session of any OS/browser configuration. The session starts on our side and you can interact with it through your browser. This will give you the opportunity to manually test website and check its performance in any environment.

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+ Quick configuration change
All configs are available in the top panel without leaving the service
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Multiple environments and configurations

Сheck your site in any of the following conditions. With the help of our online browser testing tool, you can have access to various platforms, resolutions as well as major browsers, and their latest versions.

Support for the most modern and popular platforms

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Support for and regularly update of major browsers

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Visual validation at any resolution + manual adjustment

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Start Your Free Testing Today

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Advantages of our cross browser testing tool

Comparium has a number of advantages and features in contrast to the outdated testing methods. We have gathered everything you need so you could benefit from the most convenient and easiest browser compatibility testing.
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Stop wasting time on installing and maintaining all your devices.
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All-in-one solution
Everything you need is in one interface and online. Have the most convenient cross browser testing.
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Remote access
Get access to all configurations from anywhere in the world. The only thing that is required is the Internet.
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We support the mobile version of our browser compatibility testing tool so that you can check the site even in a cab.
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Get results for all configurations instantly with just one click.
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No need to keep tracking for new browser versions. We’ll do it for you.
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Our cross browser testing tool is available at any time.
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If you have any questions, our qualified specialists are ready to help you.


Comparium uses the most leading technologies, namely: Selenoid, Node.js, Gatsby.js, React.js.
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"Comparium is a promising app which does not disappoint in measuring your website’s responsiveness with regard to real-world simulations. With a range of exciting features in the pipeline, you will have a powerful cross-testing tool at hand as a web developer."
Sayak Boral,
"We know that there are many tools available on the internet but believe us that if you use Comparium, you shall find every feature plus you shall save time."
Josphat Mutai,
"Comparium will help you to monetize your website’s traffic. You could also fix the issues faced by the users of a different web browsers on different operating systems. It’s a must-use tool for every website owner."
"Comparium is the web application performs the cross-browser website testing with ease. The application offers many platforms to check the site and make it smooth to run in a variety of browsers."
Emily Forbes,

Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered some commonly asked questions below to give you a better idea about the Electronic Test.
Cross-browser testing is a type of testing that helps you to keep your web resource working correctly across different browser versions. Any website is made up of many different components, and how they are displayed is highly dependent on the browser itself. Performing cross-browser testing ensures that all site components work smoothly and as intended for different browsers.
Unfortunately, access to our test API is not possible at the early stages of development. Nevertheless, it will be added in the nearest future.
Comparium is a subscription-based service. It offers 2 types of subscription, namely Free Plan and Live Plus. Free Plan allows you to capture 1000 screenshots with 200 min of live sessions per month, whereas Live Plus offers you an unlimited amount of screenshots and minutes of live sessions.
Screenshots testing is possible on Windows, macOS (with and without Dark Mode), and Linux. Whereas Live testing is possible on Windows and Linux operating systems. MacOS will be added in the nearest feature.
Yes, you need to create an account to be able to use even a Free Plan of Comparium.
Unfortunately, Comparium doesn’t have a browser extension yet. However, we are planning to create our extension for the most popular browsers.
Please follow the link to view our roadmap.