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Source Code License. Short Version.

The Licensor grants the Licensee a perpetual, revocable, non-exclusive, worldwide right to Use the Software (the “License”) under the following conditions:

  • The Software may be installed and used by Licensee for an unlimited number of developers within the Licensee’s organization, on an unlimited number of systems, for an unlimited number of projects developed by, or on behalf of, the Licensee. Additionally, Licensee’s contractors may Use the Software solely on behalf of the Licensee provided that all such contractors shall be subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.
  • This License includes full and complete programming source code of all of the Software components, developed by the Licensor, but shall specifically exclude the Software’s Graphical User Interface (the “GUI”).
  • The Source Code under this License may be distributed by Licensee, in object code or binary format, as an integral part of or incorporated into software/hardware projects licensed or sold by or on behalf of the Licensee, directly or indirectly through resellers, distributors, original equipment manufacturers, value-added resellers, or other third parties (collectively, “Distributors”). However, except as expressly set forth herein, the Licensee may not resell, rent, lease or distribute the Source Code on a stand-alone basis; it may only be distributed as an integral part of or incorporated into the software or hardware product produced by or on behalf of the Licensee.
  • The Licensee may implement any changes and modifications to the Source Code purchased, including fixes and functionality extensions, porting to a new platform, etc.
  • Licensee must Protect all Source Code, regardless of whether such Source Code is distributed by Licensee, to the extent commercially reasonable.
  • The Licensee may not use the Source Code to develop or distribute a stand-alone USB redirection product that would in any way compete with the products produced by or on behalf of the Licensor, which shall specifically include the Software.
  • The Licensee shall not remove, erase, obscure or tamper with any copyright or any other product identification or proprietary rights notices, seal or instructional label printed or stamped on, affixed to, or encoded or recorded in or on any Source Code.
  • The Licensee shall not, except with Licensor’s prior written permission, publish any performance or benchmark tests or analysis relating to the Software.
  • The License is royalty-free. The Licensor shall not claim any fee for the sales of the Licensee’s applications that have any of the Source Code incorporated.
  • Licensee may sell, sublicense, and distribute the Software (in object code) to Distributors and End Users worldwide as part of a product distributed by or on behalf of Licensee and consistent with the terms and conditions set forth herein. Additionally, Licensee (and its affiliates and subsidiaries) may sublicense to Distributors all rights granted to Licensee hereunder, excluding any right to Use the Software Source Code.

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